Become a Faithful Steward of Your Business

Hire a business coach with a plan.

Every Business Has Blind Spots

Not knowing where or what they are fuels the overwhelming feeling you already have.

You deserve better.

Reveal Your Blind Spots With A Coach

You Need to Make Better Decisions, So Understand Your Money

Financial statements are boring. I convert them into visual, easy to understand one-page reports that actually help you understand your business and make decisions. 

You Need More Customers and Sales, So Clarify Your Message

Your customers will buy from you only after you make it easy for them to understand what you sell. I help you communicate to your customers and prospects with a proven 7-part framework that makes it easy for them to buy from you.

You Need Clarity and Unity of Purpose, So Define Your Mission

You and your team will show up ready to give their best and focus on what's important when you all have a reason to care and are moving together in the same direction. I will help you develop a real mission that does more than check a box — it will drive action!

"I Get Excited When My Clients Overcome Challenges And Earn More Money!"

Coaching Options

One-On-One Coaching

$180/week investment

  • 1 hour weekly commitment for 52 weeks*
  • BMSU Subscription included
  • Danny's Monthly Book Club

Group Coaching

$120/week investment

  • 3 hour weekly commitment for 13 weeks*
  • BMSU Subscription included
  • Can schedule and pay for one-on-one coaching sessions as needed

Start With BMSU

…and receive a free copy of the Business Made Simple book available January 19, 2021!

$275/year investment

The Simplicity of the Coaching Process


1. Schedule An Assessment

We'll spend about half a day diving deep into getting a clear understanding of where you and your business are right now. We will also lay the groundwork for finding out where you want to be.

2. Set A Coaching Schedule

Whether one-on-one or group, we'll meet weekly to move you and your business

from… where you are

to… where you want to be

3. Work the Plan and Reassess

We will regularly reassess the current reality of your business to identify opportunities for overcoming challenges and earning more money.