Peer Mastermind Groups for Solopreneurs

Every big corporation has a big board of well-paid directors. What do you have?

You have yourself.

That big board is paid big bucks to…

  1. Know what's in the corporation’s blind spot,
  2. See new opportunities, and
  3. Ask hard questions that the executive team would rather leave unasked.

Who is watching your blind spots?

Who is spotting new opportunities for you?

Who is asking you the hard questions you’d rather not be asked?

That's what a peer mastermind group is for!

Here's How It Works...

1. Talk To Danny

Together, we'll make sure this is a good fit for you and connect you with your mastermind group.

2. Meet With Your Group

We'll schedule the first meeting and get together with two other solopreneurs to kick things off.

3. Execute And Grow

Meet monthly with your group to check your blind spots, see new opportunities, and ask the hard questions.

Who Is Danny?

I'm professionally passionate about helping solopreneurs anywhere along the journey from side gig to about $2 million in annual sales.

I'd prefer to get to know each other over a conversation, but until then, you can get to know me in bullet points…


  • Married to Amanda Nelson
  • Father to two sons and two daughters aged 6 to 14
  • We're a foster family serving on the campus of Calvary Home for Children


  • New Covenant Presbyterian Church, PCA
  • Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Rotary Club of Anderson
  • The Brew
  • Anderson Rising

Education & Certifications

  • Anderson University class of '06
  • Business Degree with emphases on Accounting, Management, and Human Resource Management
  • Enrolled Agent


Other Ancillary Services

Tax Return Preparation

They gotta get filed! As an Enrolled Agent, I'm especially equipped to prepare your business and personal tax returns. Prep cost starts at $500.

Tax Planning

Don't like being surprised on April 15th? (Or whatever day you file your taxes.) Tax Planning is included in Tax Preparation.

Website Hosting

I can host a WordPress site for you that will blow your mind starting at $5/month.


Ready to oursource your bookkeeping? Want meaningful monthly financial reports produced consistently and on-time? Let's talk. Starts at $200/month.

Local Compliance

If you do business in South Carolina (and especially in Anderson County) I can help you with local compliance issues such as sales tax and business licenses. Starts at $100/month.

One-On-One Coaching

Need some extra help outside your peer mastermind group OR just need someone to help work through a problem? One-on-one coaching starts at $75 per 30-minute session. Click here to book a session.