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by | Sep 20, 2021 | Mindset

Katie Hancock wrote an article a couple of days ago that gave away the secret to success for entrepreneurs in today’s tough times. It wasn’t money, time, or energy.

It was another resource that I haven’t talked about before — mindset. I believe that stewarding your mindset or thought life is an extremely difficult yet essential skill.

A lot of people will look at the glass half empty and when approached about it shrug their shoulders and say “that’s just who I am.” However, it doesn’t have to be “just who you are.” In fact, as Christians, we are urged to take every thought captive.

What does this have to do with business? Well according to Ms. Hancock, “times are tough for any entrepreneur, and one of the keys to surviving is their mindset. If you think you have any of these signs within you, then you’re going to be a fine entrepreneur. If you have the passion and drive to become better and help people become better, then your business will continue to thrive.”

In her article she lists 11 of these ways, but we’ll just take a brief glance at three.

1. The ability to maintain a positive attitude.

Yes, things are difficult. And while beginnings are exciting, they are also scary.

A lot of people become petrified when they receive the first “no.” However, I think the ability to receive a “no” on an offer and move on is one of the skills that makes the difference between an entrepreneur and a dreamer.

2. Creativity.

We all know that problems will arise. How you handle these problems makes a substantial difference in your business.

Like keeping a positive attitude, approaching an obstacle with creativity enables you to stand out to your consumers.

3. Resilience and tenacity.

Take the time to rest, recharge, and get back on your feet to try once more. Tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity are your two biggest driving forces to succeeding in any industry.

Can you imagine a world without Elon Musk? Bill Gates? Or Ray Kroc?

I wonder who my 13 year old would talk about if these individuals hadn’t approached their business with resilience and tenacity.

Starting a business isn’t easy. Otherwise everyone would do it.

However, it is worth it!

Please don’t feel like you have to do it alone. We would love the opportunity to coach you as you grow your business and steward your mindset.

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