Mid-Career Mindset Stewardship

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Mindset

I've written about stewarding mindset as it relates to your early career. However, what happens after you've landed the dream job?

In his article, Tim Madden discusses growth mindset and how it affects you later in your career. Whether you have just started out or you've landed your dream job, I think there are some great key takeaways from this article.

1. Don't get too comfortable!

It becomes harder to take a risk when you've figured out the formula to a comfy job. However, it may be riskier to not try something new.

Everyone is dispensable and if you're not willing to think outside the box you may see the industry moving on without you.

So what can you do?

Try something new!

This may mean carving out some time in your day for a brainstorming session. Or it could mean disagreeing with a co-worker if you have a different idea.

2. Don't be a know-it-all!

I'm sure we all know a person that knows everything (or at least thinks they do). They can't admit when they're wrong or when they don't know something.

However, there are fewer people who walk in humility and perseverance. This humble person that's willing to admit they don't know everything but also willing to do the work to find the answer is refreshing and their work ethic is attractive.

A lot of times people who are afraid they don't know the answer are insecure and trying to protect themselves. The irony is that people like to be around people that are humble, so humility might actually be a better tool in self preservation.

3. Be loyal to the right person and/or business.

Gone are the days where the majority of people work for the same company for 40 years.

In today's world it's become standard practice for professionals to jump companies and even career paths. It's essential for you to assess the values, tools, and skills you have and make decisions and goals based on these assets.

That may mean redefining company roles, establishing new habits and best practices or even starting your own company.

I would consider it a privilege to coach you through these thoughts and help you create a business plan for your career path.

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