How To Tackle The Hidden Costs of Starting A Business

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Starting A Business

This recent article at Forbes, Starting An Online Business? Be Prepared For These 14 ‘Hidden’ Costs, is a practical glance at overlooked or “hidden” costs of starting your own business.

Many of these “hidden” costs are items that the Stewardship Operating System desires to help you prepare for from our very first conversation. Today I’ll highlight three of these costs and the appropriate place on the SOS website to help you effectively steward your money, time, and energy.

1. Professional & Legal Fees

These fees include LLC set up fees, bookkeeping, and accounting fees. The Self-Employment Launchpad course is a framework that guides you through the specific actions you need to take over a 90 day period to be confidently self-employed.

It is our desire to shed light on these hidden fees and uncomplicate business ownership. The cost of this 90 day Launchpad is only $497 and will save you hours of research and tax season surprises.

2. Marketing & Website Costs

In today’s world you can create a free website and spend hundreds of hours of time researching, designing, and potentially failing at creating an effective marketing funnel or website.

There are professional web designers that would be happy to save you this amount of time, but a good website and marketing funnel will cost you thousands of dollars. The Launchpad course saves you both time and money and enables you to gain the skills to make future sites as well.

If you’re already an expert in web design and marketing funnels, but just need hosting and premium WordPress plugins a Stewardship Site might be closer to what you’re looking for.

3. Taxes

“The biggest cost you will likely face in any business is taxes. Don’t forget that you will have income taxes and payroll taxes or self-employment taxes to deal with. I have known too many first-time business owners who didn’t set aside money for taxes only to be saddled with a big debt to the IRS that could take years to pay off. Don’t get surprised by this giant expense!” – Tim Clairmont, Clear Financial Partners

It is our passion to help you steward your business well, and that includes no hidden surprises! In order to help you plan your days well we are offering a 2021 Tax Return Projection by an EA obsessed with your success. Don’t let a cloud of uncertainty hang over you between now and April 15th, 2022. Trade an hour of your time and $279 so that you can take control and gain clarity. You deserve it!

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