Are You Catering To Your Customers' DIY Support Desires?

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Customer Service

Danny and I were sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs the other day. It was a peaceful morning and the mist was just rising from the field. Since we work from home it's crucial that we have a high speed internet connection. However, since moving to the country the only company we could use had a difficult website and it appeared they wanted to make their customers jump through hoops and call someone.

Danny resigned himself to getting off the rocking chair and driving to the company’s store. We have become accustomed to what this Forbes article calls “The DIY Trend”.

What happens when a business chooses to ignore this trend? According to the article, only 3% of users choose to contact customer support immediately.

What about the rest of the customers?!

By the time the customer finally resigns themselves to contacting customer support they will feel like they’ve had to jump through hoops and start the conversation with an air of frustration. Additional research shows that 84% of users stated they would consider switching to another brand if their technical content experience was poor when seeking an answer about a product.

What does this mean? Businesses should prioritize DIY content curation, course development, and easy to find automated customer support.

It is important to have content that is easily findable and accessible. There is frequently a perception gap between what business owners perceive their DIY offering to be and what their users actually experience.

What does this mean for our business? As a good business practice, we want to honor the resources our clients trusts us with (time, money, energy, etc…) so it's important that once we learn the growing trends of the consumer market we implement best practices to support the best possible customer support and experience.

For example, Stewardship Operating System is in the process of developing courses and a library of resources to support business owners and entrepreneurs in every stage of their business. If there’s a course or a concept you want to see developed please let us know so that we can help you stay in your rocking chair and work your business! 

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